Monday, July 13th

┬áIf we love God, His love will compel us to serve. – Pastor Leon, Founder of HOM


News from the VBS team:

(Dana Moore): One of the tasks of our team is to run a Vacation Bible School for about 150 children in the neighborhood of Menelas on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. When we were here last summer we ran the first VBS they’d ever had, so we were excited to reconnect with these children again. Those of you who’ve taught VBS anywhere before know that the first day can be a little rocky trying to work out the kinks, and we weren’t surprised to find this the case on Monday. We ironed out the rotation schedule; we worked with a limited number of classrooms; we did the best we could with what we had. I doubt that any of us was moving through the day thinking, “God is doing amazing things here.” Then children began motioning me to them and whispering in my ear Namsifu Mungu Kwa. They would smile at me and nod hopefully. I was surprised but I nodded and said, “yes – later!” They had remembered us — and remembered their favorite song we learned with them last year. Sometimes we get a glimpse of the impact of our words or deeds immediately and sometimes we never really know. And sometimes we see it exactly a year later.


News from the Construction team:

(Nathan Brodell & Kellen Ball): What do you get when you mix a 95 degree day, very manual work, and a group of loving people ready to serve? Teamwork.

On Monday after a brief tap-tap ride, we arrived at the work site which was a future home to a couple who belonged to the Terre Noir church. Upon arrival, the home was just a cement block structure with partial walls roughly 30 feet long by 16 feet wide. The foundation of the house had been established and was roughly 3 feet deep; our task was to fill this space with dirt and rocks from a pile just outside the structure. There were no wheel barrows or any tools to help make this task any easier besides few buckets and shovels. Our team rallied around the challenge and through a mix of hard work, lots of lifting, love and collaboration, we made huge progress. Out of this concoction emerged an assembly line beginning with 2-3 people shoveling the earth into buckets, others transferring these buckets 20 + feet away, and a small team a individuals depositing the soil in the foundation. It was amazing to see the amount of heavy lifting and hard work that the team demonstrated in the blazing hot sun alongside the Haitian workers to serve the family in need. It wasn’t possible to see the progress of depositing one bucket in a large foundation, but by the end of the day, we had successfully finished over half of the work. There was more than just rocks and dirt that was laid; love, compassion, and our experiences will forever be the foundation of that families home.







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