Saturday, July 11th – Arrival in Haiti



The team at the entrance of the HOM compound

*Sidenote: We’re sorry for the late post. We had some technical difficulties and sporadic Wi-Fi. We’re alive and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers! 

Bonjou from Haiti! After meeting in the Third Church parking lot at 4:30am on Saturday, leaving Richmond Airport to our connecting flight in Atlanta and then making our way to Port-au-Prince, we finally arrived in Haiti around 2pm.

We were grateful that all our team got through immigration safe and sound! Arnold, our fearless Haiti Outreach Ministry (HOM) host and leader met us amidst a throng of Haitians when we left baggage and walked into the bright sunshine and sweltering heat. Arnold loved reconnecting and seeing familiar faces of past team members and it was a joy to be welcomed by his big smile and welcoming heart.


Arrival at Haiti International Airport and greeting Arnold & his team (lime green shirts)


We all squeezed into colorful tap-taps (Haitan taxi-styled trucks) and left for the HOM compound. Our drive to HOM was like going through a busy carnival. There are so many people, sights, smells, and sounds happening all once that your attention is being drawn to everything, everywhere all at once.



Haiti is in a much better shape since the earthquake deviation but roads are still lined with trash, rubble, unfinished construction, and gaping potholes (makes the tap-tap rides quite enjoyable).

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, we settled into our dorms, unpacked, ate a delicious dinner and then many of us walked to visit House of Hope (founded by Nadege, Pastor Leon’s daughter), a loving place dedicated for Haitian girls to grow up in a home environment.

Immediately as we walked up to House of Hope, a crowd of little girls came running out and smiling to greet us. Some were eager to hold our hands but others were a bit more cautious (we are an intimidating crowd!) and they walked us around to give a tour of their “maison” (“house” in French). Someone whipped out a green plastic ball and we played monkey in the middle, running games, played on the swings, and jump on the tall guy (aka Peyton Jenkins). All the while trying to get to know the little girls in our very poor Creole. It was a blast playing, running and laughing with the girls until dusk and our visit finished with lovely songs (a couple were in English!) sung by the girls.

It was a long but great day and we’re excited for you to journey along with us! Stay tuned for more and please continue to pray for health, safety, and for us to reflect the body of Christ to our neighbors.

Peace + Grace,

Team Haiti

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