Thursday July 16th




News from VBS team:
(Katharine Fitch): I’ve seen God work in so many different ways this week, more ways than I ever could’ve imagined. I’ve learned about the many differences between America and Haiti. Much I was expecting and a whole lot I wasn’t expecting. I never knew that handicap/special needs kids were just given away. Almost like they were nothing. In Gertrude’s orphanage our team was able to show them love they maybe never would’ve experienced if they hadn’t been taken into Gertrude’s. Before coming on this trip I was told I would get attached to some of the kids that I worked with, to no surprise I did! One thing that pulled on my heart strings today was when we departing from the orphanage. Peyton Jenkins had befriended this precious young boy named Maxo. Every Time he saw Peyton’s face he would run up to him and fall asleep in his arms. Peyton showed Maxo instant love and kindness and created a sealed bond with this child. Leaving today Peyton prayed for him and as he prayed Charlotte and I just looked at eachother and started to cry because it was so evident that God has been at work this week. They always say home is where the heart is, Haiti feels like home.


News from Construction team:

(Stephen Jenkins): We had an amazing day working along side our Haitians bothers as we help build one mans house so he can get married this fall.
Its the tradition that the groom have a house to take his new bride to be for they can get married. The excitement we see in the faces of the groom and his fellow workmen makes all our hard work worth it . We start each day by praying together calling upon the god we all love and serve . We may speak different language but when we pray we are one and it has knit our hearts to theses men.
Each team member from the 14 year old to the 60 plus has been moved by this act of service. Somehow God has used brick and mortar build our hearts together no one is leaving the same.


patients who are waiting for their medicine or to he seen by a provider
patients who are waiting for their medicine or to he seen by a provider


Gathered for morning prayer and sharing about Jean-Charles Innocent (one of our great translators!)

News from Medical team:

Today was one of our busiest and probably hottest days. It was also our last full day at the clinic. We had a crazy morning full of patients lined up and an even busier afternoon but we all pushed through because we knew it was our last full day and we wanted to end strong. One of the beautiful things about our team is that after we all gather for a short prayer and devotional time, we all head to our different sections and everyone knows exactly what needs to be done for that day. Often, we don’t see the team until lunch or until the clinic is closed. Today, we saw over 100 patients! God has been so gracious to us and we’ve learned a lot about patience through the Haitian patients we see, our translators who listen and relay important dialogue, and with one another as we serve together. Just as the body of Christ works together, every aspect of the clinic from reading glasses and dentistry upstairs to the downstairs pharmacy, triage, treatment rooms, and provider rooms play a crucial significance in order for the clinic to work efficiently for our patients. We are grateful that God’s grace is extended to us and that his mercies are new every day.


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